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Weekend brunch used to be a rare occurrence for me. At least it was for Western-style brunches, as my family has a tendency of frequenting the same Chinese dim sum spots ad nauseum (being creatures of habit and all). But being part of the dating scene now, I find myself spending more of my weekends trying out some new brunch spot or another, and I felt it would be such a shame not to blog about all these different places! So here I was at Little Nest, pulling out my DSLR and snapping away at the food being served at our table.

Little Nest has an ever-changing menu written on great, big blackboards on the wall, and the restaurant prides itself on using seasonal, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients. The place is small and can get rather chaotic when it's full. When we arrived, there were toddlers roaming about like free-range chicken, and the place doesn't seat you until you've placed your order and pay at the counter. But even after placing your order, you're still standing around and waiting for some space to open up, even if it meant having to sit at the communal table in the middle of the room. Regardless, when we were finally seated, we didn't have to wait too long for our orders to be served.
F ordered the Brioche French Toast, which looked rather hefty on carbs, and very substantial.
The french toast was served with poached pears, vanilla whipped mascarpone, toasted hazelnuts, maple syrup, and a good dusting of powdered sugar. The poached pears were lovely, as was the mascarpone, which gave the french toast that extra richness. The toasted hazelnuts also added a nice nuttiness and crunch to every bite. Overall, a beautiful, if not slightly decadent, french toast!
I, in turn, went for something savoury, and decided to order the Little Nest Breakfast.
This was another substantial looking dish, though perhaps it was more due to the salad taking up a lot of plate space. I didn't really take the best angle on this dish, so it's hard to see what was in it from the picture alone. Essentially, it's scrambled eggs and toasted multigrain baguette served with baked polenta, black bean stew, cilantro-chipotle relish, queso fresco, fresh salsa with pumpkin seeds, and a salad. The deciding factor for me was when I saw the word "chipotle" on the board. I love anything with chipotle.

As much as I wanted to avoid carbs, the toasted multigrain baguette was so nicely buttered, it was hard not to get addicted to it. The baked polenta and black bean stew were fairly good, and the relish was incredibly yummy with that chipotle kick! Too bad they only served about a couple of spoonfuls of the relish. I could have used more! Otherwise, the dish was pretty solid, with a good variety of flavours.

Despite the organized chaos at Little Nest, the food there was quite good, and I would definitely go back to try out the other items on their evolving menu.

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